"Black Desert Online" Revamps Classes With Succession Skills

Pearl Abyss has a bit of a surprise today for Black Desert Online players as they are revamping the classes with new Succession Skills. Starting on December 4th, sixteen classes will be getting Succession Skills that will enhance your ability to do more with your characters and add a new dimension of gameplay. Succession Skills will allow players to make the choice between choosing to specialize in their main weapons by sacrificing access to their Awakening skills. While that may sound backward, the reward is they will receive powerful new skills focussed on using their original weapons. Players can unlock their Succession Skills at level 56 by completing a series of quests from the Black Spirit. Here's a little more info from Jaehee Kim, Executive Producer fromĀ Black Desert Online, about the changes.

"Black Desert Online" Revamps Classes With Succession Skills
Credit: Pearl Abyss

"Many adventurers experience a radical change in the gameplay of their character when they 'Awaken' it after reaching level 56. The efficiency and strength of Awakening skills overshadow existing skills, so many players utilize much less of their Main Weapon skills. We developed the Succession skills for those who prefers and missed their original playstyle of the Main Weapon over their Awakening Weapon. The Succession update aims to return the appealing gameplay of the original Main Weapon skills of their characters to provide players with a lasting enjoyment. We hope players enjoy their experience trying out the newly updated original skills that are familiar yet more powerful than before."

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