Fantasy Flight Games New Releases for 11-15-19: X-Wing & Legion Take the Stage

Fans of Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars franchises will find themselves with some pretty great purchases at their local game stores today, with new releases for Star Wars: X-Wing and Star Wars: Legion coming out, as well as new card packs for the Arkham Horror and Lord of the Rings card games!

Star Wars: X-Wing

The Classic C-Roc cruiser is back in production for Star Wars: X-Wing! This is the first time that this ship has been available in second edition, with updated cards and features.

Fantasy Flight Games New Releases for 11-15-19: X-Wing & Legion Take the Stage
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The C-ROC cruiser is the heaviest vessel available to many criminal operations, cartels, and syndicates in the Outer Rim, capable of carrying massive weapons batteries and unique dirty tricks that keep it one step ahead of the law. Whether it's hauling illicit cargo or marauding the hyperlanes in search of easy targets, the C-ROC is a flexible and dangerous craft.

The C-ROC Cruiser Expansion Pack contains everything both Scum and Villainy and Separatist Alliance players need to incorporate one of these armed transports into their Star Wars™: X-Wing squadrons. A selection of ship cards, tokens, and maneuver dials gets your C-ROC into battle, while a suite of upgrade cards invites you to add a bevy of dirty tricks to your cruiser. Finally, a plastic maneuver tool, huge ship resource tracker, and huge ship damage deck make managing your ship fast and easy.

Star Wars: Legion

The first of the Commander Expansions are out for the Clone Wars era of Star Wars: Legion, and should bring a lot of versatility and variety to game tables everywhere! I think it's odd that Captain Rex is out before Anakin, but it's only a matter of time, right?


Fantasy Flight Games New Releases for 11-15-19: X-Wing & Legion Take the Stage
Image Courtesy Fantasy Flight Games

While much of the galaxy knows him as the Separatist Alliance's Head of State, Count Dooku serves a more sinister purpose in the Clone Wars. Actually a powerful Sith lord, Dooku works behind the scenes to bring down the Jedi and destroy the Republic once and for all. As the rare Separatist unit powerful in the Force, he takes to the battles of Star Wars™: Legion ready to show off his skills to any bold enough to challenge him.

Clone Captain Rex viewed military service as an honor, and his loyalty to the Republic and his Jedi Generals was absolute. Rex honed the use of twin blaster pistols into an art form, leading his fellow clones to victory on countless battlefields across the galaxy.

Fantasy Flight Card Games

Finally, two new expansions are out for the Arkham Horror and The Lord of the Rings card games from Fantasy Flight Games, adding plenty of new play options!

Fantasy Flight Games New Releases for 11-15-19: X-Wing & Legion Take the Stage
Image Courtesy Fantasy Flight Games

The Search for Kadath is Scenario 2–A of "The Dream-Quest." This scenario can be played on its own in Standalone Mode or combined with the other expansions in The Dream-Eaters cycle to form a larger four-part or eight-part campaign. As your team of investigators becomes separated between the dream and the waking world, you will need to work together across realms to return home. To help you achieve this, you will find new player cards that create new synergies between investigators, letting you offer aid during your turns or even the Mythos Phase. Discover the meaning behind your dreams and the proof you seek!

Wrath and Ruin provides you with 60 new cards to expand your quests in Middle-earth, including a new dwarf hero and three copies of each new player card. This Adventure Pack also offers you a chance to brush shoulders with the enigmatic Tom Bombadil. Prepare you heroes for the fight of their lives and stand united against the shadow of Mordor! 

All of these expansions for these Fantasy Flight Games licenses are available now at your local game store!

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