Destination Venus, Harrogate’s Only Comic Shop, is Inside the Cinema

Coming home from Thought Bubble at Harrogate, I happened to pop by the town’s only comic shop – and it was a revelation. Destination Venus as a comic store has been around for years, but in recent years was bought out by Regie Rigby, who uses to write the Fool Britannia column that ran alongside All The Rage at Silver Bullet Comic Books back in the day – remember then?

Anyway, 18 months the store underwent a transformation when it moved into the downstairs space of the Everyman Cinema in Harrogate, the first of what is now a chain of cinemas. It transformed a space that was being used for nothing at all, into a thoroughfare for comic book and cinema fans alike.

But rather than providing a source of traffic for Marvel and DC Comics close to the movies, instead Regie found the new customers to the store were those coming for independent small films, who he dubs as being naturally curious, and has found he can sell a lot more smaller indie titles, AfterShock, Vault, Avery Hill Publishing, the weirder Image Comics titles. The trouble he still has is getting more comic fans to Harrogate – but this weekend, Thought Bubble did just that.

It’s a wonderful little store and so beautifully located. Anyone in Harrogate should pop by…


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