"The Endless Mission" Enters Early Access Next Week

E-Line Media announced this week that its latest game, The Endless Mission, will be headed to Early Access next week on Steam. The devs have been touring this as a community-driven game where users can play, hack, and create within a world that has been designed to exist behind the scenes of their favorite video game genres. Essentially smashing the fourth wall of the other fourth wall. The game will officially jump into Early Access on November 14th, but The Endless Mission still has no release date planned beyond "2020". For now, here's a launch trailer and some features you'll be able to toy with.

Credit: E-Line Media

Early Access Features: 

  • Epic story that takes players behind the scenes of their favorite game genres
  • An integrated Editor that allows players to create their own games and content and then share them with the community via the in-game Content Portal and Hall of Celebration
  • Mashup, tweak, remix, and hack and see the results in real time
  • Fully realized Real Time Strategy and Platformer games with assets and mechanics players can use in the creation of their own games
  • A Hall of Celebration where curated UGC from the community and streamers will be featured
  • Characters voiced by the veteran talents of Sara Amini, Laura Bailey, Jennifer Hale, Courtenay Taylor, Alix Wilton Regan, Jamie Hunsdale, and Chantal Robert

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