Microsoft's New Text Swear Filter Is Out Now, You Potty Mouths

Microsoft's New Text Swear Filter is Out Now, You Potty Mouths
Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft is looking to make your online Xbox experience a bit more pleasant.

In a new Xbox Wire blog post, the company expressed its desire to build a more "positive gaming community." How is it planning to achieve that goal? Introducing text filters that let you change up the level of potentially offensive content you might receive in your messages. Right now, it's localized to use messages, but it'll be soon coming to clubs, profiles, and your activity feed as well.

You can check out the Message Safety setting to try out the new Xbox content filter. It has four different levels to test: Mature, Friendly, Medium, and Unfiltered. Each offers a different level of access, with Unfiltered allowing all content, Medium allowing some profanity while blocking others, Friendly blocking all profanity and offensive content, and Mature allowing most offensive text, but seeking phrases Microsoft has deemed "almost always harmful."

You can apply different settings to friends as well as strangers, and there are even more options within the updated safety settings to take advantage of as well. It's all detailed in the Xbox video below, in case you were curious.

Microsoft is happy to remind anyone who thinks that just because content filters exist they can say anything they want. Hey, just don't do that. You could mess around and get yourself banned, after all.