A New Familiar Character Leaked For “Project Resistance” Due To A Bug

Some new information on Project Resistance found its way online as a familiar character was leaked due to a bug in the game. Right now, Capcom is allowing certain players to try out a closed beta of the game as they experiment with the lobbies and other mechanics. While the beta doesn’t have a ton of content to it, Capcom has basically allowed players to experiment with everything as they test to see what’s working and what’s broken. Well, it looks like players found a bug for them that caused some unintentional results, like revealing a character in the game. WARNING: This is possible spoiler territory, so if you don’t want to know more, turn around and go back where you came from. We won’t be held responsible for you reading further.

Credit: Capcom

According to a player on Reddit, they and other players were trying to sync up a lobby together when a glitch hit the screen, producing the picture you see below. That’s the Mastermind profile (the Killer in this game) featuring Annette. If you’re not familiar with Resident Evil lore, that’s Annette Birkin one of the people responsible for some of the mayhem you have to deal with in Resident Evil 2. (We say some because, come on, there were a lot of fingers in that pie.) And based on the screenshot they took of the glitch, this is her in her RE2 Remake appearance. Her identity had already been kind of leaked by Capcom themselves in a reveal for Project Resistance, but this now confirms she is selectable as one of the Masterminds.

A New Familiar Character Leaked For "Project Resistance"
Credit: Reddit

Considering her background in the series, it will be interesting to see what bonuses you get to the character if you choose her. Hopefully, something along the lines of mutation. We’ll see how Capcom responds to the info and if they’ll just bring the character out for the beta now that the word is out.

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