Pixar Writer Brings Tale of Good Doggo to Archaia in Bear OGN

Ben Queen, writer of Cars 2 and 3 for Pixar, is joining with author, illustrator, and man with a first name as part of his last name, Joe Todd-Stanton for a new graphic novel to be published by explosive publisher BOOM! Studios through their Archaia imprint. The comic is misleadingly titled “Bear,” but it’s actually about a titular dog who is named Bear, and billed as “an all new adventure about making your way in the world with a little help from your friends.”

From the press release:

Bear is a guide dog who loves looking out for his owner, Patrick. When they’re together, they make a great team, and Patrick feels like he can do anything! But one day, Bear’s vision suddenly vanishes and he also becomes blind. If he wants to stay by Patrick’s side, he feels he must do the impossible—find a way to regain his eyesight. When Bear hears about a magical spirit in the forest who could help, he embarks on an epic adventure that takes him from wild woodlands to busy city streets, where he meets new friends and learns to navigate new challenges, all while searching for his way back to his best friend.

Said Queen:

With BEAR I really wanted to create something that shows a world that we are familiar with, but in a completely new and original way. Joe Todd-Stanton’s illustrations take that unique lens and add a whole new level of imagination and joy. BEAR is a wonder-filled adventure about the deep bond of friendship. Plus talking animals! I guarantee you will not see the world the same way after you’ve seen it through the eyes of Bear.

And Todd-Stanton:

Bear’s story is an emotional roller coaster that brings to mind those great self-discovery adventure movies from the ‘80s like Stand by Me or The Goonies, except this story has evil raccoons and a dog the size of an American black bear—what’s not to love?!

Bear goes on sale in August 2020.

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