The Daily LITG, 9th October 2019 – Happy Birthday, Matt Wagner

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The 11 most-read stories yesterday

  1. Is Rob Liefeld Going to Sue Marvel Comics?
  2. Jonathan Kent To Be The New Superman For DC Comics?
  3. Gossip: Wonder Woman Will Be the First to be Replaced in DC Comics' 5G?
  4. Watch Out, Watch Out, There are Powers Of X #6 Finale Spoilers About
  5. Gossip: Will Teen Lantern Take Over The Green Lantern Comic in 2020?
  6. David Tennant's Doctor Who to Meet Jodie Whittaker's Doctor in 2020 – in the Comics
  7. Some Potential DC Comics 5G Gossip From New York Comic Con
  8. Jon Kent Has a Surprise for Damian Wayne in Superman #16 [Preview]
  9. Gossip: Luke Fox, Jonathan Kent – What DC Comics' 5G is All About
  10. Marc Maron Goes After Todd Phillips' Comedy Comments
  11. Paving the Way for 5G in The Flash #80? [Preview]

And one year ago…

  1. Based on Trailer, Mark Millar Says Aquaman is Decades Better Than Marvel Cinematic Universe
  2. The Return of Cyclops? Plus All the Less Important X-Men News From NYCC [X-ual Healing 9-03-2018]
  3. A Better Look at Brian Bendis' Wonder Comics Line
  4. Stan Lee Issues Statement About Keya Morgan's 'Hostage Videos' to Bleeding Cool
  5. Cloak & Dagger Relaunched After Only 6 Issues as Cloak & Dagger: Negative Exposure

Happening today…

Things to Do in London If You Like Comics, October 2019

And a happy birthday to…

  • Comic book creator of GrendelMatt Wagner
  • Uncharted comics publisher Martin A Stephenson
  • Comic book retailer at Ssalesfish, Bret Parks
  • Comic book creator of Thanos, Jim Starlin.
  • Comic book creator Michael Netzer

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