Some Potential DC Comics 5G Gossip From New York Comic Con

A Bleeding Cool reader writes with what they saw as possible confirmation to the DC Comics 5G gossip that Bleeding Cool has been running for the past few days. Looking at a relaunch of a number of major DC Comics titles with a new character in the lead, taking on the role. Which would also mean a creative upheaval across the line, New 52-style.

They wanted to remain reticent and protective, but I know this reader of old. They told me,

I was at NYCC…asked a prominent creative talent how long they would be on their current book. Answer was only 1 more year and not because they are choosing to leave the title or being replaced by a new team but something else…something BIG. And that’s where convo ended.

And yes, it was a DC Comics creator they were talking to. 5G. It’s coming folks. The follow up to New 52 and DC Rebirth… this one isn’t a stretch is it?

DC Comics' 5G is Definitely Still a Thing

That’s just for illustrative purposes… maybe DC should get that trademark down.

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