Marvel Will Announce Iron Man 2020 Creative Team at NYCC – Gotta be Dan Slott Though, Right?

Marvel has been teasing a return to the world of Machine Man 2020 and Iron Man 2020 for some time now. It began when Arno Stark was introduced as Tony’s long lost brother, but with Tony Stark: Iron Man written by Dan Slott, that jumped a gear as Bain Eletronics, Machine Man and Jocasta joined the cast and characters, all prominent in the Machine Man 2020 series by Tom DeFalco, Herb Trimpe and Barry Windsor Smith.

Spinning Out Of Captain Marvel, Star Gets Her Own Series

And now it is getting closer and closer…

Spinning Out Of Captain Marvel, Star Gets Her Own Series

2020. Coming in 2020. Obviously. Picking up the plot threads originally seen in the eighties mini-series Machine Man 2020 by Tom DeFalco, Herb Trimpe and Barry Windsor-SmithSomething we’ve been following from some time.

Machine Man 2020 featured the elderly Sunset Bain of Bain Industries, the grand nephew of Tony Stark, Arno Stark – Iron Man 2020 and Jocasta all working together in a Blade Runner-style far-flung future of 2020.Dan Slott Builds The Road to Iron Man 2020 in Tony Star: Iron Man #10 (Spoilers)Since then Arno Stark was introduced as Tony Stark’s adoptive brother  Baintronics began opposing and rivalling Stark Industries. And Jocasta started running Stark’s AI division, introducing sentient rights for artificial intelligences. And Tony Stark creating a familiar-looking armour using Baintronics technology.

Dan Slott Builds The Road to Iron Man 2020 in Tony Star: Iron Man #10 (Spoilers)

And in today’s Tony Stark: Iron Man, Jocasta switches sides. Knowing all that she does.

"House Of X" #1 is the Hickmaniest of Jonathan Hickman Comics - Translated (Spoilers)

And with Tony Stark not even the real Tony Stark anymore and, as we have seen in House Of X #1, Damage Control taking advantage of Tiny Stark’s ‘death’ to get all his stuff in the very near future, could it be that Arno will insist he is the rightful heir of all of Stark Industries? And will Jocasta really go along with that? Will she have a choice??

Three months to go…

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