Black Panther Is King in Recently Announced S.H. Figuarts Figures

Black Panther has been such a treat inside the Marvel cinematic universe. Ever since his appearance in Captain America: Civil War we have all fallen in love with the T’Challa. He showed the full power of Wakanda in both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Even if we didn’t get to see him in full action we did get a couple of great scenes with our favorite king. The king returns with the newly announced Black Panther S.H Figuarts figure. Black Panther stands a little under 6 inches, he is fully articulated, and his suit features his purple kinetic energy design. He comes with interchangeable hands and two head swaps, including both masked and unmasked versions. The design and the articulation are what make this figure different than the rest on the market. This Black Panther figure would be a great addition to any Marvel fan or Black Panther fans collection.

The Black Panther S.H. Figuarts will be a Bandai Premium Web Exclusive. He is priced at around $61 and he is scheduled for release on February 2020. Pre-orders are alive and available and they will be located here, some translation may be required. Don’t forget to check the other S.H. Figuarts figures too, Scarlet Witch, Dude Thor and the most recent released War Machine. 

“You are a good man, with a good heart. And it’s hard for a good man to be a king.”

Wakanda Forever!


Black Panther S.H Figuarts 

(Translated Description)

King of Wakanda-(Avengers: Infinity War/ Endgame) that reproduces the vibranium ability appears in S.H.Figuarts. T’Challa’s face is also completely reproduced with the digital coloring of the soul!

 Black Panther appearance Avengers: Infinity War/ Endgame 

 Main product contents

 · Body

 -Replacement wrist left and right 3 types each

 · Replacement bare head 1 type

 Main product materials: ABS, PVC

 Product size Height: Approximately 150mm

 Target age 15 years old 

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