MTG VC Fund Invests In Video Game ADHD Aid Program Mightier

MTG announced this morning that the company has invested in Mighter, a video games program designed for children dealing with ADHD. If you’re not familiar with Mighter, the system was developed and tested at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. The system is a subscription-based box where you get a 30-day trial and then pay a sub fee to receive games and gaming paraphernalia designed to help aid in helping children cope with the symptoms of ADHD in their everyday lives. MTG plunked down $250k to help fund the program. We have a few quotes from this morning’s press release.

MTG VC Fund Invests In Video Game ADHD Aid Program Mightier
Credit: Mighter

“We could not be more proud to invest in a program with such admirable goals and the means and talent to make a real difference,” says Arnd Benninghoff, EVP Esport and Games at MTG. Mightier shows that gaming can make a true difference beyond the excitement, fun and emotional engagement that gaming and games bring and we’re excited to see them continue to grow and redefine what gaming means to many.”

“MTG works with some of the best game developers in the world,” says Craig Lund Co-Founder and CEO of Mightier. “This partnership is a great opportunity to work with top developers to add more games to the Mightier platform to keep kids engaged and learning.”

“Having MTG as a partner means we’ll be able to keep more kids having fun and learning emotional regulation. They’re perfect partners,” says Dr. Jason Kahn, Chief Science Officer and original inventor of the gaming logic behind Mightier.”

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