The Daily LITG, 14th August 2019 – Once & Future Kink

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The 11 most-read stories yesterday

  1. New Youngblood Publisher Will Meet Alan Moore’s Conditions, No Matter How Outrageous
  2. The Thief Who Tried to Sell Comics Back to the Store She Robbed Them From
  3. Can Moira MacTaggert’s Multiple Lives Explain The Dead X-Men? [X-ual Healing 8-7-13]
  4. “The Boys” Season 2: Karl Urban’s Looking a Little “Butcher’d” [IMAGE]
  5. Twitch Employees To Openly Testify In Phantoml0rd Lawsuit
  6. Marvel Comics’ November 2019 Solicitations For #DawnOfX X-Men, X-Force, New Mutants, Fallen Angels, Marauders and Excalibur
  7. Tomorrow’s Captain Marvel #9 – Not The Comic Some Speculators Thought it Might Be (Spoilers)
  8. Marvel TV’s Loeb: “Adventure into Fear,” Howard the Duck, Netflix & More!
  9. Marvel Comics Brings Back the Die-Cut Cover to JJ Abrams’ Spider-Man #1
  10. Tarantino Responds to Bruce Lee Depiction Criticism in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”
  11. Should We Brush Up On Our Phalanx Before Reading Tomorrow’s Powers Of X #2? (Potential Spoilers)

Happening today…

Things To Do In London If You Like Comics in August 2019

The Daily LITG, 14th August 2019 - Once & Future Kink

And a happy birthday to…

  • James Hodgkins/Jimmy Broxton, artist on Saucer Country.
  • Gary O’Donnell, artist on FutureQuake.
  • Tim Daniel, comics colourist
  • Drew Bittner, comics editor.

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