Supergirl #33 Sells Copies For Up to $50 on eBay Today

Last week, Bleeding Cool broke the news that DC Comics were telling retailers to destroy incoming copies of Superman #14 and Supergirl #33, with the reason given that these comics were solicited as DC Year of The Villain: Dark Gifts tie-in titles.

Bleeding Cool is dubious about these reasons and look forward to comparing the reprinted versions with the scans we have of the comics that arrived today. And plenty of stores don’t seem to be taking any notice of DC’s request. Here’s what copies have sold for on eBay earlier today.

Supergirl #33, cover price $3.99, standard cover, $40-50

Supergirl #33, cover price $4.99, Derrick Chew cardstock cover, $30-40

Superman #14, cover price $3.99, standard cover, $25-30.

Superman #14, cover price $4.99, cardstock cover, $25-30.

All four, $95-140.



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