Speculator Corner: Once & Future Killing It On eBay – #1 Sells For Over $25

Perhaps the San Diego Comic Con variant selling for $65 was the first clue that Dr Kieron Gillen & Dan Mora’s Once & Future from Boom Studios #1 was going to be hot. It remains a Top 10 book with speculators.

Perhaps it was Boom announcing a third printing before on-sale that should’ve made it clearer.

Perhaps that pesky Fourth Printing announced yesterday before the book officially hit stores today was the next sign that BOOM! Studios might indeed be close to what seems to be their goal of one-upping Image Comics’ blockbuster Die (whose first issue has gone to five printings) from Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans.

Or perhaps we simply needed to go to eBay, where Once & Future #1, published today, is all the rage.

The first printing has repeatedly sold well above its $3.99 price point, reaching nearly $30. The store-exclusive LaFuente variant has sold for $50. More than 10 copies have been sold of the CBLDF variant at $24.99 a pop. Even the second print has sold for $25 and is now going for $30. And that SDCC early edition? It’s sold for $80.

But if you want to see the biggest sale yet, just look at Midtown Comics who sold the one per store variant for over $200 – though you may try and pick one up on eBay for around $65.

Who knew there would be so many variant covers for a comic book meant not to have any variant covers?

So perhaps that much needed peace summit between Image Comics and Boom Studios could start with a kind trading of Die and Once & Future first printings over some tea? And maybe you could invite Uncle Rich along to get some CGC 9.8 copies of both those books so he can afford those impending university payments for his children?

Speculator Corner: Once & Future #1 Selling For Over $25

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