Absolute Mullet: Donny Cates Shares Hairstyle Update

It’s been a while since global entertainment superstar Donny Cates last updated eager fans on his hairstyle plans. Back in June, Cates took to Twitter to ask fans to help him make one of the most important decisions of his career: whether to cut his hair or grow it long.

54% of respondents urged Cates to grow out his hair, but Catesbronies — that’s the colloquial term for hardcore fans of Donny Cates — were pleasantly surprised a few days later to learn that the Absolute Carnage writer had made another monumental hair decision: he dyed it blonde!

Since then, however, all has been quiet on the Donny Cates hair front… until this week. Cates took to Twitter to casually reveal that not only is he indeed growing out his hair, but he has chosen the perfect hairstyle: a mullet!

It’s a bold choice for 2019, but Donny Cates is a bold man. It shows in both his comic book writing and his fashion choices, and it looks like Cates is going to continue wowing comic book fans with his writing skills and sense of style for some time to come.

Stay tuned to Bleeding Cool, as always, for all the latest Donny Cates celebrity news and gossip.

Absolute Mullet: Donny Cates Shares Hairstyle Update
An artist’s representation of what Cates could look like with a mullet.

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