Dan DiDio Sees DC With a Wildly Diverse Line of Comics for a Wildly Diverse Audience

Dan DiDio looks to have had a fun time playing with his Kong doll at San Diego Comic-Con. If he didn’t see the convention from a distance, and position his monster close to his face and pretend that it was stomping the convention centre then it was a wasted opportunity.

But he did talk to Collider about his plans for the company, which some unkind people, I know, consider it to be similar to a Kong terrorising Burbank. and their childhoods, crushed under his big feet. But that’s comics for you.

Dan DiDio Sees DC With a Wildly Diverse Line of Comics for a Wildly Diverse Audience

He stated that he plans to always be five years ahead of how other media treat DC characters. I am reminded of Bill Jemas‘ insistence that Marvel publishing an origin for Wolverine before the movies got round to it, and Ike Perlmutter pushing through a Spider-Gwen comic just as Sony was thinking of laying claim to the idea.

Even now, he is working two years ahead of DC’s current publishing schedule which means he gets confused sometimes over what has and hasn’t been published. Handy for BC spoilers…

DiDio states that the success of DCeased was a big surprise for the publisher, as was Naomi, through credits that speculators may have been partially responsible for that. But states that it does demonstrate the potential for freshness and new ideas in the company.

He also talked about looking to the collectors market, changed covers variants to have better paper stock and to concentrate on the kind of artists who are more collected. So don’t expect DC to be dropping Artgerm, Del’Otto, Mattina or Cho any time soon…

But as for the near future, looking 3 to 4 years ahead, he sees wildly diverse lines of product gearing to a wildly diverse audience, and the push into the young adult and middle reader marker is just the first step into that, underlining the success of Raven.

He talked about having a more focused DC universe, a better sense of shared continuity and that timeline he continued to talk about at the show. He talked about growing more mature readers material, with what he called great morality plays for the DC characters to perform in. There was rebuilding DC’s Collected Edition line. And the 100-Page Giants offering classic interpretation of characters to readers who have just discovered them.

That’s of course, unless Rob Liefeld is right…

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