The Daily LITG, 25th July 2019 – Brian Bendis, Tonight on Seth Meyers


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The 10 most-read stories yesterday

  1. Flash #75 – We Need That DC Timeline, Stat… (Spoilers)
  2. Cyphers, Histories, Change and Translation – "House Of X" #1 is the Hickmaniest of Jonathan Hickman Comics (Spoilers)
  3. FULL Marvel Comics October 2019 Solicitations
  4. All The First Appearances – Including a New Power Ranger – and the Surprise Ending to MMPR #41 (Spoilers)
  5. Tony Stark Has Found a Cure for Alcoholism in Iron Man #14 [Preview]
  6. What Are Marvel Comics' Plans For Mephisto? Will We Know In December?
  7. "Batman Beyond": Kevin Conroy On Batman, Mark Hamill, More [Interview]
  8. Marvel Comics Solicitations For October 2019 – 27 Of Them Frankensteined
  9. The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #5 Gets Her a New Costume – But is it a Symbiote? (Spoilers)
  10. Yet More Offers Being Made by Apex Lex in DC's Year of The Villain, Today – Oracles, Origins and The Witching War, (Spoilers)

Happening today:

The Daily LITG, 25th July 2019 – Happy Birthday,

And a happy birthday to:

  • Comics journalist Mike Sangregorio 
  • Alex Wald, comics colourist.
  • Chuck Melville, comics editor
  • George Roberts, Jr., comics letterer.
  • Galen Showman, comics letterer.
  • Ray Billingsley, creator of Curtis.
  • Chip Bok, editorial cartoonist.
  • Jonathan Gruber, creator of comic book thesis, Changes in the Structure of Employer-Provided Health Insurance.
  • Jay Maybruck, comic book investor.
  • Paul Rafferty, comic book letterer.
  • Dave Rothe comics letterer.
  • Edgar Arce, colourist.

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