Rooster Teeth Games' "Vicious Circle" Will Launch This August

Rooster Teeth has announced this week that Vicious Circle, which they debuted back at RTX and showed off at SDCC, will be coming to Steam shortly. The game will officially launch on August 13th, 2019 and will sell for $20. The game is a fast-paced uncooperative multiplayer shooter where four players act as mercenaries and compete for loot against a terrifying monster, as well as each other. Basically, it's last player standing, unless the last player is the monster, then everyone loses. You can read more about the game here.

Rooster Teeth Debuts New "Vicious Circle" Gameplay Trailer
credit//Rooster Teeth

In each round of Vicious Circle, one player is selected to become a massive, unstoppable creature with a simple goal: kill all four mercenaries. The mercs can be formidable when working together, so divide and conquer, using your enhanced senses and powerful abilities to scatter foes in a panic, hunt them down and pick them off one by one.

Mercs can team up with their rivals to survive, but only the player with the most loot wins. And that means playing dirty every chance you get. Use your gadgets and the environment to mess with your adversaries: lock doors to slow them down, trap them in rooms with the monster, and suck loot out from under them. Should you join forces against the monster hunting you down, or sneak away to gain the upper hand while everyone else is busy? The choice is yours, but remember — what goes around comes around!

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