What’s Wrong With Strawberries? What Marvel Lawyers are Trademarking Now…

Marvel Comics like to trademark things. It’s a handy, dandy way to find out what their upcoming movies and TV shows will be called – that’s how Bleeding Cool got the heads up on the likes of Ghost Rider, Helstrom, Morbius, Black Widow and Marvel’s 616 – though we still have no idea what they’re doing with Glyph. Naturally Marvel like to have trademarks running for ‘Marvel’ as well – in pretty much everything they can.

Here are their three most recent filings for the Marvel trademark.

  • Cheese; chicken nuggets; drinking yogurts; fruit-based snack food; soups; yogurt.
  • Drinking waters; flavored waters; fruit juices; smoothies.
  • Fresh fruit, excluding strawberries

Looks like some like of Marvel fast food line. Just one that definitely has no strawberries in it whatsoever…

If anyone has a theory I’d love to hear it. Maybe Marvel is allergic to strawberries?

What's Wrong With Strawberries? What Marvel Lawyers are Trademarking Now...

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