“Interstellar Space: Genesis” Is Headed To Steam Next Week

Interstellar Space: Genesis, the spiritual successor to Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares, will be coming to Steam next week on July 25th. The game was created by Adam Solo and Hugo Rosado of Portuguese studio Praxis Games, who created their own version of a  turn-based space 4X strategy with some extra mechanics and additions. This is about as good a throwback you can get with modern gaming, at least, from the trailer. Enjoy the footage and the details below as the game comes out next week.

"Interstellar Space: Genesis" Is Headed To Steam Next Week
credit//Praxis Games

You are among the latest, and perhaps the last, of the challengers to undertake this great journey into the stars. While the universe may be ancient, you and your rivals are still young. As you compete with others for control of the galaxy, participants far older and more powerful than you watch from a distance – their true intentions covered in shadows. It’s time for you to prove that your Empire deserves to rule this galaxy, once and for all. You may prove worthy after all, but worthy of what? It’s up to you.


Turn-based tactical combat with extensive ship customization and free space-based movement with range limits.

Soundtrack by Grant Kirkhope (GoldenEye 007, Civilization: Beyond Earth, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle) and Ryan McQuinn (Lotia, Dungeons & Doritos, Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program, Liberty: Vigilance, Dark Dice).

Custom alien races with specific planet types, unique leaders, and random tech trees for each civilization.

Deep colony development, terraforming, and diplomacy systems.

Varied exploration mechanics and freedom to define a civilization’s wants and needs.

Complex economic model with asteroid mining, space tourism, and more!

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