Tauntaun Riders Charge Into Battle for “Star Wars: Legion”

If you had asked me a few months ago what units I wanted to see most for Fantasy Flight GamesStar Wars: Legion game, Tauntaun Riders would not have been on the list. But now, I’ve had a chance to look them over a little, and they’ve quickly become one of my most anticipated new releases!

Tauntaun Riders Charge Into Battle for "Star Wars: Legion"
//Credit: Fantasy Flight Games

On an icy planet like Hoth, even the most advanced technology can’t save you from the subzero temperatures. The Rebel Alliance learned this lesson well when they had difficulty operating their repulsorlift speeders on the frigid planet. In their place, the Rebels turned to creatures naturally suited to roaming the windswept plains of Hoth: Tauntauns.

My initial hesitation has more to do with setting than anything— sure, Hoth is cool and all, but having obvious cold-weather troops in my rebel army doesn’t jell well with the rest of my forces. That, and I don’t want a bunch of off-white troopers conflicting with my very colorful jungle-themed troopers. I’m funny that way.

But, something in Fantasy Flight Games’ fluff for the unit got me excited:

A tauntaun’s long claws, for example, make them particularly surefooted when crossing the massive snowdrifts and icy fields of Hoth—so surefooted, in fact, that they can still maintain their top speed while navigating this treacherous terrain. With this in mind, Tauntauns can easily reach forward combat areas or make surprising flanking maneuvers to catch enemy units off guard while the rest of the Rebel army advances.

Oh, that changes everything. The Tauntaun Riders Unit Expansion gives you longer ranged punch with the rider’s DL-44 blasters, but once the unit gets stuck in, those murder-roos go kill crazy with their claws and horns, throwing down 2 black dice and a white die each in melee combat.

Tauntaun Riders Charge Into Battle for "Star Wars: Legion"
//Credit: Fantasy Flight Games

The tautauns also have a ram attack, which allows them to surge one attack die if you perform a full move into combat, which is allowed by the Relentless skill. Yikes. Throw in Sharpshooter 1 for the riders, and you have a fast moving, hard-hitting unit that ignores difficult terrain modifiers.

The Tauntaun Riders Unit Expansion will be available during the third quarter of 2019, right alongside all those awesome new Clone Wars era kits we’ll be seeing. It’s a good time to be playing Star Wars: Legion! Check your local game shop for pre-order information!


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