Gosh Comics’ Display For Pride London 2019 #PrideInLondon

I always like to run this every year if I can. Gosh Comics is in the centre of London’s Soho district, the LGBTQ capital of the UK, the home of polari, the A&B and the Golden Lion of Old Compton Street and Oscar Wilde’s old haunting grounds. Indeed, he still may well do. And as Pride encircles Soho, so the rainbow colours adorn every building, from top to bottom.

Gosh, Look At That

And Gosh Comics, the only comic shop in Soho now (though there have been many over the years) regularly arranged Pride window display, with LGBTQ-themed or LGBTQ-friendly comic books displayed with the rainbow colours. It’s rather cool. And, with more and more books to choose from each year, it’s probably getting easier too.

Cup A Load Of This

Just got back from Pride with my kids. They loved it. I know there is much concern over the commercialisation of Pride, but I have to believe that a world in which Budweiser sponsors free asexual-themed cups is a better one than we used to have.

And here’s how it looked from the sidelines…

Including superhero engineers…

Gosh Comics Display For Pride London 2019


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