“Star Wars: Legion” Rolls Out New Droidekas Troops

The folks at Fantasy Flight Games are keeping the buzz-a-buzzing with news of their upcoming Clone Wars-era expansions for the hit game Star Wars: Legion. Now, we get a really good look at the rolly-polly droids of destruction, the Droidekas.

"Star Wars: Legion" Rolls Out New Droidekas Troops
//Credit: Fantasy Flight Games

Versatile and extremely destructive, Droidekas are a threat to even veteran squads of clone troopers and skilled Jedi Knights—and when B1 Battle Droids fail, droidekas are often sent to execute their primary function: annihilation of their targets. Rolling swiftly into battle, droidekas unleash their arm-mounted twin blasters, pouring out withering torrents of fire.

The Droidekas are something of a mix between a ground trooper and a vehicle, being able to roll up and zip around battles to get where they need to be, quickly, and unleash torrents of hell with their Dual Twin Blaster Cannons. The Droidekas also have their own shield generators, so these robotic pill-bugs are tougher to take out of the fight than their B-1 Battle Droid counterparts.

"Star Wars: Legion" Rolls Out New Droidekas Troops
//Credit: Fantasy Flight Games

The kit comes with two Droidekas, and they look like they can really dish out the pain, with each droid being able to roll 2 black and 1 red attack dice in battle. The Droidekas unit expansion will allow players to bulk out the forces that come with the new Clone Wars era core set, which will already come with 2 Droidekas models.

I’m really hyped about the unfolded version of the model, and kind of wish that both of the minis came looking like they’re ready to fight. At least Fantasy Flight Games makes sure to have various poses for their units, though.

These will be a blast to paint, too.

The Droidekas Unit Expansion lets you support your droid forces with some of the most powerful combat droids in the galaxy. Four finely detailed, unpainted Droideka miniatures identical to those found in the Star Wars: Legion Clone Wars Core Set represent your Droidekas as they speed across the battlefield in wheel mode and unleash suppressive fire in their attack configuration. Meanwhile, a unit card fully outlines the Droidekas abilities while three upgrade cards give you the freedom to modify them with comms systems.

The Droidekas Unit Expansion for Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars: Legion game will be available in the third quarter of 2019, but you can get your pre-orders in now with your favorite local game store.



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