The Daily LITG, 23rd June 2019 – Happy Birthday Becky Cloonan

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The 6 most-read stories yesterday

  1. Johnny Constantine? DC Announce New Young Readers Graphic Novels From Louise Simonson, Ryan North, Jeffrey Brown, laudia Gray, Julie Maroh, E. Lockhart, and More
  2. "American Horror Story": "AHS: 1984" Filming? Billy Eicher Not Returning
  3. Comic Creators Not Amused by Marvel Hiring J.J. Abrams' Son
  4. Brian Bendis Locked in Desperate Struggle with Hackers as Crisis Enters 4th Hour
  5. LA Times Laments Marvel Closing Their Vertigo Imprint on 26th-Anniversary
  6. What Removing Vertigo, Ink and Zoom Will Mean For the Entire DC Comics Line (Dan DiDio Update)

Happening today:

And a happy birthday to:

The Daily LITG, 23rd June 2019 – Happy Birthday Becky Cloonan
Photo by Pang Peow Yeong
  • Becky Cloonan, artist on Batman, Wolverine, co-creator of American Virgin, Demo, Southern Cross, True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys
  • James Kuhoric, former EIC of Bleeding Cool
  • ChrisCross, penciller on Blood Syndicate and Heroes, Captain Marvel, Slingers and Firestorm. CEO of Eternal Kick
  • Wolfgang Parker, writer of 1888: Deklin Skurlock Investigation Casebook
  • Bryan Christopher Moss, artist on Johnny Arcade
  • Mike Lilly, artist on Annihilation Conquest, Quasar, Vampirella, Nightwing, Batman, Detective Comics, Marvel Knights, Punisher, Catwoman, Green Lantern, X-Men Unlimited, and Dungeons & Dragons
  • Adam Pottier, comics manager at Kingston Gaming Nexus.
  • Pedro Angosto, comic book analyst.
  • Amy Adams, owner/operator of Bergen Street Press.

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