Gambit’s Choice in Mr. and Mrs. X #12 (Finale Preview)

In the final issue of Mr. and Mrs. X, Gambit is presented with an unpleasant choice by Candra, who has united the Thieves and Assassins guild, captured Gambit, and then captured Rogue when she tried to rescue Gambit. But before we get to that, let’s enjoy some naked Gambit from this preview of Mr. and Mrs. X #12

Gambit's Choice in Mr. and Mrs. X #12 (Finale Preview)

Mmm. Anyway, a flashback shows us how Gambit ended up in this compromising position. Candra, it seems, has made some big promises to the guilds, but Gambit’s interference has thrown a monkeywrench into her plans…

Gambit's Choice in Mr. and Mrs. X #12 (Finale Preview)

And so she makes Gambit an offer. He can choose who dies as a sacrifice: his wife, Rogue…

Gambit's Choice in Mr. and Mrs. X #12 (Finale Preview)

…or his ex-wife, Bella Donna.

Gambit's Choice in Mr. and Mrs. X #12 (Finale Preview)

We get the feeling, however, that Gambit is likely to pursue a third option. But will he be able to pull it off? Okay, yeah, probably. It is the final issue after all.

Mr. and Mrs. X #12 hits stores on Wednesday.

(W) Kelly Thompson (A) Javier Pina (CA) Terry Dodson
• Happily Ever After?
• Rogue and Gambit have had quite the year – will they finally be able to relax and enjoy marital bliss?
• Don’t bet on it!
Rated T+
In Shops: Jun 26, 2019
SRP: $3.99


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