LA Times Laments Marvel Closing Their Vertigo Imprint on 26th-Anniversary

Though Bleeding Cool first broke the story weeks ago, DC Comics made it official yesterday: Vertigo is dead, long live Black Label. But could there be more to the story?

According to a report from respectable newspaper The Los Angeles Times, the decision may have been completely out of DC’s hands. The Times reports that it was not DC but rival publisher Marvel Comics who closed the imprint, an act the paper considers ironic since Marvel just relaunched Vertigo last year in celebration of the 25th-Anniversary of the founding of Marvel in 1994. The company is celebrating their 26-th anniversary with a “DECADES” promotion, signifying the 2.6 decades the company has been in operation, as well as by launching a bunch of young reader comics under their new Marvel Kids imprint.

LA Times Laments Marvel Closing Their Vertigo Imprint on 26th-Anniversary

Here’s what the LA Times tweeted on Saturday:

Sadly, trust in the media has so eroded that many are disputing the Times’ reporting.

And perhaps the worst of all:

Well, that was always true. Always trust Bleeding Cool. Pip pip!

For comment on this story, we reached out to superstar Marvel writer “The Great One” Brian Bendis, who left a long tenure at DC because he wanted to write Marvel character Superman, but he was unfortunately unavailable for comment.

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