Preview Of Heavy Metal’s Comedy Spin-Off, Soft Wood – Watchmensch and More

Declaration of interest here. As Bleeding Cool told you back in April (though no one believed us), Heavy Metal Magazine is publishing a spin-off comedy title, called Soft Wood. And, as part of the first issue, will be including a reprint of my own comic from a few years ago, Watchmensch, created with artist Simon Rohrmuller. A parody of (and unauthorised sequel to) Watchmen, as well as a history of New York comics publishing history, and a take on the then-upcoming Watchmen movie, DC Comics attitude to Alan Moore, The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Superboy and much, much more, it is also being coloured, by the original Watchmen colourist, John Higgins. Which is insane as well.

But that’s just a small part of the 150-page first issue of the magazine. Here’s a look at some of what to expect. Including work by Evan Dorkin and Charo Solis, Shannon Wheeler, Krent Able, Tony Lee, Dan Boultwood and Adam Wollet, Jake Thompson, Bob Fingerman, Marc Koprinarov, Scott R Miller, Osmarco Valladao, Manoel M. and Carlos Cabrera, Tom Pinchuk, Denis Medri and Troy Peteri, Alex Jenkins, Sean Frost and Rafer Roberts, Jesse Blaze Snider, Steve Kurth and D. C. Hopkins, Shannon Eric Denton and Benjamin Mackey, Tony Fleecs, Celor, Vladimir Popov and Micah Myers, Sean Chen and Dee Cunniffe.

Out soon in comic stores, and can be ordered directly here and here… it should be out for the end of the month.


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