Baptiste Receives A New "Overwatch" Short Story

Baptiste Receives A New “Overwatch” Short Story

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Blizzard has released a brand new Overwatch character short story this week, this time focusing on their latest character to join the fray with Baptiste. You can read the story here as they go back into his story of being a medic trying to leave his past behind. But one force who didn’t forget is still around to remind him: Talon. We have a snippet of the opening for you here.


“Take a deep breath for me, auntie,” Baptiste said. Madame Thebeau, in her early seventies and sharp as a needle, sat on the exam table, her feet hanging over the side in their plastic slippers. Baptiste listened to her breathing through the stethoscope pressed to her back. “All right, that’s good.”

“Did you find anything interesting, young man?” she said, stretching. When she met his gaze, she winked. “Nothing unusual. Everything sounds like it’s working properly.” Baptiste folded the stethoscope and held out his hand to help her down from the table. He was dressed for the clinic today, wearing all white scrubs.

“You’ll get your labs back in a week or two. Dr. Mondésir will call you when they’re in. Or should I ask her to call your nephew to let him know?”

“I have a cell phone. She can call me directly.” Madame Thebeau stretched, her colorful bangles clattering around her wrists. She took Baptiste’s hand and eased her way off the exam table and onto the linoleum floor. “So can you, for that matter. But I don’t seem to have your number.”

Baptiste led her out of the exam room and back into the hallway. “Well, unfortunately, I’m leaving town very soon, so I won’t be able to handle your follow-up care. However, you’ll be in Dr. Mondésir’s very capable hands.”


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