Gameloft Shows Off More Of LEGO Legacy Heroes Unboxed at E3 2019

We visited with Gameloft at this year’s E3 event to check out all the mobile games they’re working on, which included LEGO Legacy Heroes Unboxed. This is a bit of a unique take on the whole LEGO adventuring kind of games as you will make your way around and help unlock levels and characters from the entire history of LEGO. You will put together a team of characters from the past all the way to the present, many of them iconic people you would know in the pantheon of LEGO history, and will face off in some of the cutest fights you’ll ever see in what is essentially RPG team battles. When you win you get some in-game currency to unlock new lands or find new fighters to help you succeed in future levels.

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I was really enjoying the demo because they go ALL the way back to several sets from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, things I owned as a kid with characters I used to play with on those sets. And they span the entire multiverse of LEGO toys and history with characters so old they didn’t even have names, so they gave them new ones. All of this approved by LEGO, of course, as you’re even shown how to build these sets that are now a part of the brand’s history. No word yet on when we’ll see LEGO Legacy Heroes Unboxed. beyond “next year”, so keep an eye out for more news from us and release dates for iOS and Android.

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