22 More Ideas For DC Comics/Image Crossovers That Will Never Happen

I'll be running a story on what seems to actually be behind the recent suggestion by Rob Liefeld that he was asked by Jim Lee to take part in a DC Comics/Image Comics crossover with his Extreme comic book characters. But yesterday, we ran 10 9 suggestions of such crossovers that have no chance of happening. And the commentators gave as good as we got. Here are a few highlights.

More Ideas For DC Comics.Image Crossovers That Will Nevr HappenFrom Trailsong

  • The Red Lantern Saga: When Dex-Starr finds out you're lying, you -will- burn. At least, until Sophie calms him down again.
  • Youngbloodlines: When rogue aliens attack, it's up to a group of victims with disproportionate bodies and tiny misshapen feet to violently and stylishly save the world.
  • The Legion Stands on Guard: A bunch of teenagers from every province hold the border at all costs, apologizing each time they defend it against the Americans.
  • Stanley and his Monstress: When a young boy stumbles across an intergenerational war between supernatural beings, he makes friends with one one young girl who just happens to have a spirit beast deep within.
  • Hip Flash: When a drunken anthropomorphic hippo spills his last ounce, he gets stuck by lightning and becomes the fastest detective on the Neo-Savannah.

Rob Jensen

  • Batman/Injection — It all starts when Batman attempts to hack the Injection virus and all he can find out is that its name is Didio.
  • Ambush Bug/I Hate Fairyland — She keeps trying to kill him, but he's a teleporter. The denizens of Fairyland are relieved that they get the week off from her usual mayhem.
  • Starfire/Witchblade — the first Witchblade project to come out ontime in two years.
  • Supergirl/Hit-Girl — consists of Kara taking Hit-Girl to a therapst on threat of institutionalization against her will.

Captain Temerity

  • Bat-Maxx where Bruce Wayne was a crazy homeless guy trying to protect Barbara Gordon…


  • The Titans of Deadly Class–Final Exams: Marcus grabs Starfire's heart
  • Aquaman Low–The King of Atlantis saves the last of humanity in end times.
  • Batman: Criminal–Bruce Wayne confronts Lawless to clear someone's name.
  • The Man-Eaters of Amazon–Answering the question what happen to the males the female Amazons force to pro-create with.
  • Superman Saga–Kal-El unwittingly travels Hazel's universe and does the unthinkable…bring back to life those who died from Saga issues 1 to 54.
  • The Goddamned Batman–Cain, the man with the cursed mark, is the true Batman, only changing his name to Bruce in the 20th century.
  • Absolute Revolution–Renato Jones and the Green Arrow say Enough Is Enough…

Harleen Quinzel

  • Harley & Ivy/Sunstone. Shibari with vines, Stjepan! Make it happen! Plus Ivy can jus' make aloe fer the aftercare! I… I'm jus' spitballin' here. I ain't thought about this a lot… ok? Or written a 94 page fanfic. Nuh uh.

Luiz Felipe Oliveira Champloni

  • The S.T.A.R. Projects: Hickman writing about a superteam of DC Comics mad scientists

Ray Is A Nerd

  • Savage Richard Dragon: when a teenage thief turned cop suddenly turns green and sprouts a fin, how will his fellow officers- and the city of Chicago- react?
  • John Constantine, Hellspawn: Trenchcoat is now huge, with lots of chains.
  • Southern Bastard Batman: In Gotham, Alabama, there's a new Dark Knight- and he's got just the right BBQ sauce to stop crime!

Any more for any more?

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