“Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3” Shows Off a Lot Of Flash At E3 2019

One of the biggest games to have a buzz around it heading into E3 2019 was Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, which we tried out at the Nintendo booth. Having played the last two, we kinda had an idea of what we were walking into this time around. A lot of the selection process has been simplified as you choose the heroes you want for the four slots, whether as a group or a single player picking each person, and then dive into the action. You clear out areas as a team using your own individual powers you gain by leveling up your characters or combining them to make more impressive maneuvers. I myself jumped into the shoes of Wolverine for half the demo, then picked up Deadpool for the other half of it.

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While running through the levels was no big deal, I must say, the game is a lot of flash and flare at the start. Granted, we were playing a demo and much of the story was cut out as we barely got to talk to Jessica Jones and had to save Iron Fist from getting trounced in a zen garden. But a lot of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 had us running around and clearing out enemies from various location points. It’s cool to see the special moves, but right now, they take up a lot of the screen and you can’t even see how they’re affecting anyone on the battlefield. We were given a good look at the action, but I want a little more substance before giving a proper verdict. For now, it’s cool to play, and Marvel fans will fawn over it. But we need to see more, which we’re guessing we will come July.

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