9 DC Comics/Image Comics Crossovers That Will Never Happen

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool reported on Rob Liefeld spilling secrets about a proposed DC Comics/Image Comics. We have put out a few feelers to get a better understanding of just what is being proposed, when, and for how long it’s been talked about, but I couldn’t help but think of some potential crossovers between DC Comics and Image Comics titles that will clearly never, ever happen.

Yes, it’s a listicle. I don’t care. At least it’s all on one page.

  1. The Walking DCeased. It’s the very-much-alive Rick Grimes vs the almost-dead Batman. Batman grabs Rick, but little does Batman know Rick has a fake arm and it’s rigged to explode.
  2. Metal Men/Paper Girls. Finally, the conspiracy behind the sentient bicycles the girls were riding on that very first morning is exposed.
  3. Martian Man-Eaters. J’onn J’onnz is now J’ann J’annz – and a werewolf. No tweets necessary.
  4. Shadowhawk & Dove. He breaks villain’s spines – but does she have the backbone to stop him?
  5. Super Ice-Cream Man. He has many tales of Krypton to tell. There are no happy endings, everyone ends up dying.
  6. Earth Chew. The Justice Society Of America take down a chicken alien invasion. In one issue, job done.
  7. Justice League Darkness. John Constantine’s motley crew unleash their inner demons. Even the Demon, as they fight against The Wytching Hour.
  8. Blackbird/Black Canary. Bring Zatanna along for the magical ride, they’re going to make a lot of noise
  9. Gotham City Monstress – At last, Poison Ivy gets a book.

Do you have any other suggestions?

10 DC Comics/Image Comics Crossovers That Will Never Happen


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