The British Exclusive Covers Are Coming with Ben Oliver, Dave Stevens and Stephanie Hans

Here are a few high profil ecomic book variants being offered exclusively from British retailers. Americans, get ready to pay postage… unless you can find a sub distributor. Talking of which, Forbidden Planet of London are doubling down on their Ben Oliver variants, with these covers for DCeased #1 and #2. and Black Cat #1. They must have him chained in the basement…

Cover StoriesCover Stories Cover Stories

And could this be another coming?

Cover Stories

Limited Edition Comix of Stevenage have this Vampirella #1 cover by the late Dave Stevens, featuring a famous image, but the first time it has been used as a cover for a comic book. It will come as a virgin cover, pictured, as well as a retro trade dress cover using the original Vampirella logo from the 60s and a print run of 250. Pre-orders will be taken on Friday.

Cover Stories

And in a change of tone, here’s the Stephanie Hans bookplate for the first trade paperback collection of Die by Kieron Gillen and Stephanie… and available just from Gosh Comics of London.

Cover Stories



Other variant covers from other countries are also availabkle of course…

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