A DCeased Crossover in Ironheart #7? (Preview)

A DCeased Crossover in Ironheart #7? (Preview)

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DC is doing their own version of Marvel Zombies right now in the hit mini-series, DCeased, so it’s only fair that what goes around comes around. So in this preview of Ironheart #7, we see what appears to be a zombie pandemic breaking out, when an alert sounds…

A DCeased Crossover in Ironheart #7? (Preview)

Yup, that’s definitely a zombie. Does this mean Ironheart #7 is an unofficial intercompany crossover?

A DCeased Crossover in Ironheart #7? (Preview)

Isn’t Ironheart supposed to be really smart? This isn’t that hard to figure out!

A DCeased Crossover in Ironheart #7? (Preview)

Listen to Xavier!

A DCeased Crossover in Ironheart #7? (Preview)


A DCeased Crossover in Ironheart #7? (Preview)

They were so close!

Ironheart #7 hits stores on Wednesday. The next issue of DCeased comes out July 3rd.

Ironheart #7
(W) Eve Ewing (A) Luciano Vecchio (CA) Stefano Caselli
The IQ on this team-up is off the charts! Nadia Van Dyne, A.K.A. the Unstoppable Wasp, swings by Chicago to visit Ironheart…but neither of them was expecting a zombie invasion! Can these two girl geniuses put their heads together and figure out what’s turning ordinary Chicagoans into the walking dead? Read and find out, True Believers!
Rated T
In Shops: Jun 12, 2019
SRP: $3.99

DCeased #3
(W) Tom Taylor (A) Stefano Guadiano (A/CA) Trevor Hairsine
Heroes, villains and gods have fallen. Cities have collapsed. The virus threatens to reach below the waves and even to the island of Themyscira. The race to save planet Earth is on! The surviving members of the Justice League have learned the secret to the spread of the virus, but is it already too late to stop it?
In Shops: Jul 03, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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