Whose Trademarks Are DC Comics Opposing NOW?!

So who are DC Comics arguing against in the US trademark courts? There have been quite a few since we last checked in, mostly involving the Superman shield shape. DC Comics lawyers are targeting another lawyer, Maryam Parman of Irvine, California for trying to trademark ‘Super Woman, Super Lawyer’  for legal services. They are also opposing Best Of Organic of West Bloomfield, Michigan for their trademark application for Superhero Organs for kids TV shows – along with Marvel Comics, as they both share the trademark for Super-Hero. DC Comics are also opposing Spartan Speed of Service of Mokena, Illinois for trademarking the letter H for online food delivery services using this shield symbol. Too close to the S Superman shield.

They are opposing AgencySmart of Fairfield, New Jersey’s trademark application for the letter A in a shield for software services, as ‘A Defender Of The Broker’s Business’.

And totally opposing Jedheesh Peruvingal of Healing Touch Physical Therapy, of New York for this beauty.

While Brightstar Corp of Miami, Florida, have abandoned their attempt to trademark this logo for Smarter for ‘Cell phones; Cellular phones; Mobile phones’…

Whose Trademarks Are DC Comics Opposing Now?

…and Creative Game Technologies of Columbus, Ohio have abandoned this trademark for computer gaming.


Some of these seem like stretching it, others you can really see what the lawyers mean…

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