Battalion 1944 Leaves Early Access with Full FACEIT Multiplayer Integration

Square Enix Collective and Blukhead Interactive have released Battalion 1944 out of early access along with a major new update for the game that brings in the highly anticipated Russian faction, as well as full multiplayer integration with the FACEIT platform.

Battalion 1944: Eastern Front features:

  • 8 new weapons (PPSH41, PPS43, Mosin Nagant Rifle, Mosin Nagant Scoped, TT-33, Baikal 22, SVT-40, Fedorov Avtomat)
  • New competitive matchmaking powered by FACEIT
  • 3 new maps – take the fight to Italy, Russia and France with all new levels inspired by classic shooters
  • New game mode: Free for All – where everyone becomes your enemy!
  • Improved game modes – Wartide, CTF, DOM and TDF all updated with more modern and rewarding design, with audio that reacts to your gameplay
  • Match replay system & match history – download and play your previous matches with high settings to create epic video content!
  • New BattleRank season
  • Challenges, medals and leaderboards – earn and collect medals based on gameplay to show off your in-game achievements and get ultimate bragging rights
  • Community modding – create your own maps via the all new Battalion 1944 Development Kit

As for FACEIT, the integration between FACEIT and Battalion goes deeper than ever before: thanks to in-game widgets and an in-game overlay, players will be able to access the main FACEIT features, including competitive matchmaking, rankings and leaderboards, without leaving the game. For those players who prefer the traditional FACEIT experience, Battalion will be available through FACEIT directly.

Battalion 1944 Leaves Early Access with Full FACEIT Multiplayer Integration
credit// Square Enix Collective

“We are excited to work with Bulkhead Interactive to provide the Battalion 1944 community with an engaging and rewarding competitive experience at launch. For the first time we will manage the entire competitive life-cycle of the game which will be accessible within the game client as well as the FACEIT platform, ensuring players have the most seamless experience to play competitively. This will be the first integration of this kind with many more to come and I can’t think of a better partner to be the first developer to take full advantage of the series of developer tools that we have built through the years,” said Niccolo Maisto, CEO & Co-Founder of FACEIT.

Joe Brammer, CEO of Bulkhead Interactive, is eager to let fans get hands-on with the full launch of Battalion. “I’m so excited. Early Access isn’t easy but the feedback from the community has been imperative to this massive overhaul of the game. I love that we took a step back and pivoted to target people’s core issues such as Time To Kill and wanting the game to be more like the older classic titles. We’ve kept sprint in the game, but there are so many new features that will feel familiar to classic FPS players.”

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