‘Killing Eve’ S02, Ep08: “You’re Mine” Caps off Deadly Season

After a clever, yet somewhat slow second season premier, Killing Eve is off and running with the assured pace of a show that knows exactly what it’s doing.

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The last episode, “Wide Awake”, saw Eve (Sandra Oh) entering a new phase of her downward spiral, as her fixation on Villanelle (Jodie Comer). Eve has been going to great lengths to keep Villanelle close at hand and under wraps, often times making some irrational, questionable decisions to do so. This has probably cost her what looked like a pretty happy marriage to Niko (Owen McDonnell), who found himself making questionable decisions of his own after a brief run-in with the assassin.

Unfortunately, Villanelle has decided that Niko is a rival for Eve’s attention, and left the poor guy a rather gristly warning in the form of his co-worker, Gemma, (Emma Pierson), who had also been pulled in by one of Villanelle’s schemes.

Killing Eve is Full of Gears Within Gears Within Gears

The level of intrigue on Killing Eve has reached fever pitch, with multiple investigations from Eve’s Operation Mandalay team culminating in one primary suspect in a series of murders. Aaron Peel (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) is a megalomaniac, obsessive about privacy, and really quirky about watching people eat. He’s also the person likely behind commissioning the murders of his father, as well as any other interests that are familiar with a project that he has been developing.

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//Credit: BBC America

Peel has figured out how to weaponize privacy, and has developed an information network that allows him to know just about anything regarding just about anyone, and he’s willing to sell this network to the highest bidder.

Eve convinced her boss at MI6, Carolyn (Fiona Shaw), to use Villanelle to gain Peel’s confidence. A digital¬† background was carefully constructed for one of Villanelle’s covers, a bored, obnoxious American named Billie.

“Billie” does indeed win Peel’s interest, but that may have more to do with how little information he can find on her.

There are so many schemes in play on Killing Eve, with Villanelle playing games with Eve, her handler, Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) most likely working a master scheme with Carolyn, and Aaron Peel potentially manipulating everyone behind the scenes.

Then there’s the mysterious shadow group known as The Twelve, who may or may not be pulling everyone’s strings.

The Death Toll has Been Catastrophic

So far the body count on the second season of Killing Eve has been pretty epic. Villanelle has murdered her way across Europe, starting with an innocent boy that she was sharing a hospital room with. Her victims have included a strange British shut-in that tried to “save” her, a businessman in an elevator, a man who was cheating on his wife, a body guard, and Niko’s friend Gemma. I’m sure I’m missing a few.

'Killing Eve' S02, Ep08: "You're Mine" Caps off Deadly Season
Jodie Comer as Villanelle РKilling Eve _ Season 2, Episode 4 РPhoto Credit: Parisa Taghizadeh/BBCAmerica

Some of the murders have been horrific- in one, Villanelle gutted a man at a brothel in Denmark, while wearing a cartoon pig mask and with a bunch of people watching. Another kill involved a tie, and elevator, and a whole lot of leverage. Regardless of the technique, Villanelle is coldly efficient with all of her murders.

The End is Nigh

Sunday, May 26th marks the season two series finale of Killing Eve. The episode is called “You’re Mine”, and if you think you have any idea of how it’s all going to play out, you’re far more clever than I am. Here’s a peak at what’s to come:

You can catch the season two finale of Killing Eve on both BBC America, as well as AMC.


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