EVE Online Invasion Receives a New Cinematic Trailer

CCP Games have released a new EVE Online trailer giving us a new cinematic view of the upcoming free Invasion expansion on May 28th. The update will have you battling in your own territory against the Triglavians, who are basically just here to lay waste to everything that isn’t theirs and take over your star systems. You’ll get three new and formidable Triglavian ships in the Tech II category, plus they will be adding some new ships to the Mutaplasmid system. You’ll also see new additions to the War Declaration system that, according to the devs, “will consolidate recent improvements, as well as added content and user experience improvements to The Agency, helping you to access varied and exciting content more easily.”

credit//CCP Games

In essence, this new Eve Online expansion is going to be almost non-stop fighting as you’ll have to protect New Eden from multiple threats and band together with allies to make it happen. Enjoy the trailer as we wait for the expansion to be released next week.

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