IDW Announces a ‘Huge’ Creator-Owned Comic Announcement for San Diego Comic-Con

IDW came to Diamond’s Retail Summit, held in Las Vegas this weekend, where they were able to announce that Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo #1, jumping from Dark Horse to IDW was the company’s bestselling book of the month, beating out everything from Transformers to Star Trek to Star Wars to Sonic to Ghostbusters to My Little Pony.

And it looks as if they are planning to duplicate that with another creator-owned title.

Not that they are saying what this is now. No, this was an announcement of an announcement, That there will be a “huge” creator-owned title announcement to come at San Diego Comic-Con.

Who could it be? Who could count as ‘huge’ at IDW? Who might follow Stan Sakai in that journey?

Look for another ‘scalp’ in July… you can follow the rest of Bleeding Cool’s coverage of Diamond Retail Summit site, right here.

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