Archie Comics Introduces Full Returnability on New #1s and Tiered Discounts For #2 to #5

Comic book store owners and employees, comic book publishers, creators, distributors, an a variety of service providers and activist groups are descending upon Las Vegas for the Diamond Retailer Summit. And as they fly up, in and out, comic book publishers are setting up promotional deals for retailers to accompany whatever else they will be talking about. You can follow along with this handy dandy Bleeding Cool tag, which includes the latest from Archie Comics.

Archie Comics to Introduce Full Returnability on New #1s and Tiered Discpunts For #2 to #5Archie Comics will be introducing full returnability on their launch number one issues and kicking it off with Archie #705, also to be known as Archie and Sabrina #1 by Nick Spencer and Sandy Jarrell. A new FOC date of this weekend has also delayed that issue’s publication from May 15th to June 12th.

(W) Nick Spencer (A) Sandy Jarrell (CA)
ARCHIE AND SABRINA starts here! A new era begins as the enchanting romance between Archie and Sabrina intensifies! But what does that mean for everyone else in Archie’s life?  In Shops: Jun 12, 2019 Final Orders Due: May 20, 2019 SRP: $3.99

Then, starting with titles solicited in August 2019 and beyond, new #1 issues will be returnable for retailers — no matter how many copies are ordered and subsequent issues will feature increased discount incentives to make it easier to stock multiple issues of a series.

There will also be increasing discounts to future issues based on issue #2 matching or exceeding 80% of final orders of #1, issue #3 matching or exceeding 75% of orders of #1, issue #4 matching or exceeding 70% of orders of #1 and issue #5 matching or exceeding 65% of orders of #1.

Of course that also means we may be about to reveive a whole slate of new #1s from Archie Comics…


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