‘The Tick’ Given the Boot by Amazon Prime, Cancelled After 2 Seasons

After two seasons of super-heroics, The Tick has been canceled by its most recent home, Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime

This probably isn’t surprising news for anyone who has following the history of the franchise, since it’s a show that can’t find a home to support it, no matter how genial the cast is.

The Tick is based off of Ben Edlund’s exceptionally funny comic book, and has had a tumultuous history on television. First, there was an animated series which ran on FOX, and ran 3 seasons, from 1994 through 1996. The series managed to fit in a lot of the villains and side characters from the comics, and was generally a lot of fun, even if punches had to be pulled for the children’s audience.

Next up was a live action series, with Patrick Warburton playing the Tick. The show was brought to life by Larry Charles, one of the people responsible for making Seinfeld a smash hit on NBC. Alas, the show cost a fortune to make and failed to capture an audience, and was scrapped after only 9 episodes.

Part of audiences disconnect with the series, especially those that watched the cartoon, is that Edlund couldn’t use a large portion of the supporting characters due to rights issues- he literally had to change costumes and names of the supporting characters because he no longer owned the broadcast rights to the characters he had created.

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The third, and most recent version of The Tick on television started on Amazon in 2016, with Peter Serafinowicz playing the Arachnid Avenger. The same rights issues existed for a number of the characters, but I generally found this take on The Tick to be pretty entertaining. Serafinowicz brought a ton of manic energy to the character that was a blast to watch.

Edlund broke the news on Twitter earlier, but it looks like he’s already searching for a new home for The Tick. Here’s hoping he can find one that sticks this time around!


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