Riot Games Orders Echo Fox To Take Action On Alleged Racist Behavior

Following an investigation over the resignation of Echo Fox’s owner, Riot Games has ordered the team to take action or face consequences. We reported earlier on Rick Fox departing the team after he accused a shareholder of using racist terms around him and his family, eventually leading Fox to resign over the matter. Which struck a chord with a lot of people in the League Of Legends community that a team owner would rather leave the team he built than simply find a way to vote out or find a way to remove the shareholder, and since Fox’s departure, the team has remained relatively quiet on the matter and have simply focused on their games. Now it looks like Echo Fox as an organization may not have much of a choice in the matter, as LCS Commissioner Chris Greeley sent out this statement on the league’s official Twitter account regarding their investigation into the matter.

It doesn’t take a lot of deducing to guess that if the team doesn’t take action, they might as well kiss any championship contention goodbye, let alone be allowed to compete in major tournaments altogether. Whether or not the league would actually kick them out, however, is a different story as that could go either way. It’s not like there aren’t teams who would love to take their place, but Echo Fox still carries a much larger recognition than many who would come up. Hence why it seems the league is giving them a chance to take action rather than be drummed out. We’ll see what happens in the days to come, but regardless of what takes place, the future of Echo Fox is about to get changed.

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