Nintendo Reveals More Details on Super Mario Maker 2

Today Nintendo rolled out their Nintendo Direct feed for Super Mario Maker 2, and we now have a much clearer idea of what the game has in store for us. Right from the start, we learn that this game will be just like the original Wii U version where you can build levels however you see fit with different backgrounds, color pallets, enemies, and challenges for Mario and Luigi (if you feel like using) to overcome. YOu get several new assets to work with, much of it coming from Super Mario Bros. 3 as the Angry Sun appears, along with Dry Bones with their shells, Bullet Bills, and a number of sound effects from the 1989 game! You get snake blocks, On/Off blocks, seesaws, and swinging claws. We also get more in-depth water and lava levels, along with a custom scrolling for sidescrolling levels.

Nintendo Announces Super Mario Maker 2 Release For June 2019

Enemies can be multiple sizes and hidden in boxes as you can add them to desert, snow, forest, and sky levels. You can also now slide down hills and clear out multiple enemies for that sweet sliding goodness. There are also weather effects like switching between day and night, having slippery ground in the snow and the sandstorm throwing you backward. You can now set up games to collect a certain amount of coins to complete levels, which is a cool alternative. Online options are back as you’ll need an NSO account to load and play courses, but now you have the ability to do 2-player courses and versus mode, along with co-op course creation and up to 4-player course runs both in the game and online.

Basically, they improved the game a lot since the first one. But probably to the dismay of many, there’s still no option for the U.S. version of Super Mario Bros. 2, probably because Nintendo couldn’t integrate those assets and mechanics into the rest of the game. Enjoy the full video below as we wait for Super Mario Maker 2 to be released on June 28th.

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