How Many Hulks Do You Want in Immortal Hulk #17? (Spoilers)

It’s only out today but people are still able to get eight bucks for the new Immortal Hulk #17 on eBay as retailers struggle to keep up with demand for what was a bit of a sleeper hit for Marvel Comics, but what is now outselling Batman. And what is definitely a full blown horror title, with gamma radiation now perceived as something supernatural – depending, quantum-like, on how it is observed – with all sorts of end times prophesied. And, even as we get a crab-like Leviathan straight out of Revelation, this issue tends towards the scientific side of immortality.

How Many Hulks Do You Want in Immortal Hulk #17?

Sorry, sorry, that’s previous Hulk creator John Byrne on Green Lantern: A Ganthet’s Tale. It kinda fits the issue though.

How Many Hulks Do You Want in Immortal Hulk #17?

There, that’s better. Joe Fixit’s personality has taken Banner’s body, a pragmatic mad sciencey response to the situation the Banner/Hulk conglomerate finds himself in. And if you are losing count which Hulk you are tracking right now…

How Many Hulks Do You Want in Immortal Hulk #17?

…it all goes rather Split/Glass very fast. There’s a Kirby Hulk, a Trimpe Hulk, a Bennett Hulk, a Milgrim Hulk… is there a Keown Hulk in there? Not sure…

How Many Hulks Do You Want in Immortal Hulk #17?

…but there is a Keown pencil. And this does suggets that there have been many more separate Hulk personalities through the years, even if they weren’t as recognised as Professor Hulk and Joe Fixit. Any chance we can get a Hulk: Life Story series out of this?

(W) Al Ewing (A) Joe Bennett (CA) Alex Ross
• Bruce Banner is trapped inside Shadow Base Site A –  powerless and hunted by their top assassin.
•  He can’t run forever. He can’t change form. He can’t survive…without THE IMMORTAL HULK.
•  But not the one you think.
Rated T+ In Shops: May 15, 2019 SRP: $3.99



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