Spider-Man to Lecture Passengers on Airplane Safety for New United Airlines Promotion

Have you ever thought to yourself that the safety demonstration at the beginning of airplane flights, teaching you how to buckle your seatbelt and use the oxygen masks in the event that you’re all going to die in a fiery wreck, is a little on the boring side? Have you then wondered why some enterprising airline doesn’t spruce things up by putting an actor in a low budget Spider-Man costume and having them randomly web up bad guys in the background of said safety demonstration?

Spider-Man to Lecture Passengers on Airplane Safety for New United Airlines Promotion

Well, United Airlines is one step ahead of you, because their new Spider-Man: Far From Home promotion does exactly that! Yay!

A press release tells us more:

Safety-sense with Spider-Man™: United Airlines Launches New Safety Video Featuring Superhero

Before customers Fly the Friendly Skies, they’ll receive a safety briefing from “your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man”

CHICAGO, May 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Beginning June 1, United Airlines will launch its latest inflight safety demonstration video featuring Spider-Man in an entertaining mini-drama film. In addition to the safety video, United’s broader promotional partnership with Sony Pictures in celebration of Spider-Man™: Far From Home, in North American theaters July 2, will include one-of-a-kind Spider-Man: Far From Home-themed Polaris business class amenity kits and unique experiences for MileagePlus members to see the highly-anticipated summer blockbuster through MileagePlus Exclusives.

The video highlights United’s enduring commitment to the safety of all our employees and customers who are “far from home”. In addition to United employees providing instruction on what to do in the event of an emergency, the video features MileagePlus members who bid miles for the unique opportunity to appear in the video and special appearances by cast members from this summer’s highly anticipated film.

Except, that’s not entirely true. Spider-Man isn’t actually delivering the briefing. Actors paid to pretend to be flight attendants handle that part. Instead, the video features scenes of the wall-crawler, wearing what appears to be a Spider-Man costume made out of flannel pajama material, hunting down and silently webbing some crooks around town. Spider-Man doesn’t actually speak in the video, which is an odd choice considering his wisecracking demeanor is part of his charm, but most likely United didn’t want to pay for Tom Holland’s voice, so they just stuck a random stunt double in the Spider-Man costume and called it a day. They gotta save all that money, after all, for designing even smaller seats to cram passengers into.

The press release also touts a cameo by Stan Lee, though said cameo is actually a photo of Stan Lee on the wall of a bodega.

The video begins with villains entering a corner store and causing ‘turbulence’ with their disruption to Mr. Delmar, played by Hemky Madera. The deli scene includes a framed photo of Stan Lee, honoring the immense impact he had on the Marvel community. Customers will also notice the recently announced updated United livery displayed on the animated 787-10 aircraft, prior to customers learning the locations of the exits. Next, Peter Parker’s best friend Ned, played by Jacob Batalon, shares a scene with United CEO Oscar Munoz as the villains head into a nearby theater to escape Spider-Man. In one of the final scenes, Eugene “Flash” Thompson, played by Toni Revolori, helps to demonstrate that cell phones and large devices should be put into airplane mode prior to take-off. This fast-paced and entertaining video concludes with Spider-Man ensuring that everyone is safe and settled as their journey begins.

On Lee’s cameo, Gill Champion, President of Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment went on to say, “Stan loved doing his cameos and would love to know they are continuing, so we were thrilled to work with Sony Pictures and United Airlines to make this happen for both Stan and the fans.”

In conjunction with the video, travelers who are luxurious enough to travel business class will get Spider-Man-themed amenities and have the opportunity to attend the Far From Home premiere.

Beginning in June, United customers traveling in Polaris business class will receive a limited-edition Spider-Man: Far From Home themed amenity kit, which will feature Spidey-branded comfort products including an eye mask, socks, tissues, ear plugs, a toothbrush and a pen alongside luxury skincare products, designed exclusively for United customers. Starting today on MileagePlus Exclusives, members are able to bid award miles on a one-of-a-kind experience to attend the Spider-Man: Far From Home premiere in Los Angeles on June 26. This opportunity will give a member access for two to attend the premiere, red carpet event and afterparty. Members also have the ability to use miles to attend a pre-release screening of Spider-Man: Far From Home in one of United’s seven hub cities. For more information, please visit: MileagePlus Exclusives.

Check out the video below, true believers!

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