Rob Liefeld Chastises Emilia Clarke Over ClickHole ‘Game of Thrones’ Quote

Superstar artist Rob Liefeld isn’t taking any guff from Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke, especially when that guff comes in the form of a quote from parody clickbait website ClickHole. Liefeld responded to a tweet from the website, which is made by the people who make The Onion, in which Clarke explains the process for filming scenes with CGI dragons on the hit HBO show.

“Before the computer graphics are added, the dragons are just a bunch of mops duct taped together into the rough shape of a dragon,” Clarke said in the quote, which is made-up. “They could have used anything, but I wanted something I’d have an emotional connection with, so they used mops.”

In response, the Deadpool creator tweeted, “Maybe don’t trash the only successful role you’ve had, okay Sarah Connor?”

Liefeld deleted the tweet a few minutes after posting it, probably because someone told him the quote wasn’t real. Luckily, we managed to capture a screenshot before he did.

Rob Liefeld Chastises Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke Over Quote from ClickHole Article

Don’t worry, Rob, it happens to the best of us. Just a few months ago, we joked in an article that C.B. Cebulski and Joe Quesada were going to SXSW to plead with Disney not to shut down Marvel Comics, and it turned into a whole thing where legitimate news organizations had to publish articles denying the “rumor” and Joe Quesada gave us a firm tongue-lashing on Twitter. It happens. You just gotta roll with it.

Luckily, Liefeld is known for bouncing back quickly. Immediately after deleting the tweet, the creator of Marvel’s hottest new superhero, Major X, found another story about Emilia Clarke and tweeted essentially the same thing:

That one, at least, makes more sense in context, though we do admit it’s technically impossible to tell the difference between an article from and one from ClickHole, so it’s not hard to see how Liefeld may have gotten confused.

In any case, immediately after that, perhaps due to responses to one or both of the tweets, Liefeld wrote:


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