Rob Liefeld Turning ‘Stale And Sour’ Brigade Kickstarter to Something ‘Fresh and Viable’

In 2013, comic book writer/artist/publisher, creator of Youngblood and Major X and co-creator of  Cable and Deadpool, Rob Liefeld, crowdfunded an appeal to revive one of his earliest creator-owned comic books Brigade on Kickstarter. The plan was that he would be able to print a large number of issues which he would be able to give away for free, as well as those who donated to the appeal getting exclusive sketch cover versions, swag bags of previous Liefeld published work, signed copies, prints, pouches, hardcover collections, ashcans, a copy of a Brigade screenplay, original sketches and art, personal Skype calls, having the opportunity to design characters in Brigade, full-page ads in the comic, Rob Liefeld drawing you as a trading card, drawing your own comic book’s cover, lunch with Rob, a store signing, retailer variant coves, becoming a character in the comic itself, and more.

Rob Liefeld Turning 'Stale And Sour' Brigade Kickstarter to Something 'Fresh and Viable'But that was 6 years ago. The comic was not published. And over the years people have got angrier and angrier. Rob Lefeld has made a number of refunds, including very recently, but some a) don’t want a refund, they want what they were promised and b) some haven’t had that refund they believe was promised to them.

In his most recent Kickstarter update, Rob writes,

I’m awaiting final approval on 2 images for the Kickstarter Brigade Exclusive Cover as they feature guest characters that are now a part of this BRIGADE launch.

Why guest stars? Because I’m trying to make something that has become stale and sour onto something fresh and viable.

I’ll be opening up the Kickstarter Brigade Exclusive covers for purchase only by YOU! Only you on this platform will be allowed to order extras of this magnificent product. Tuesday May 14 is when I will reveal the cover. Then I’ll have details if you want to order extra copies of this edition as it will go nowhere but you backers!


Naturally, much of the commentary has been suggesting that the best was to make something fresh and viable is to just publish. Or to give them refunds. The likes of David Zuzelo say,

You are offering to let us buy more, Rob? I’ve requested refunds for the third summer in a row. I’ve asked about the status of my 125 dollar pledge to silence. This is beyond anything else so far. Your buyers here are going to have a chance to purchase more? Please clarify this, preferably in public.

Though others like Rob Messick respond,

I can’t wait to see this!! Guest Characters??? Sounds crazy. Too awesome!!

On Twitter, Rob stated that he had had problems with the Gmail account he had registered with Kickstarter regarding people who wanted refunds, but that he is on it now, and always gives refunds. Here’s hoping everyone gets what it due…

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