Liam Sharp’s Schedules and Plans For Two Years of The Green Lantern

I got the chance to catch up with Liam Sharp yesterday, as he was attending Portsmouth Comic Con for the weekend – and visiting with his parents. He has been blowing the readers away with his run on The Green Lantern with Grant Morrison from DC Comics. And so I got some clarification on how much Green Lantern goodness we can expect from the pair since they relaunched the title late last year.

Apparently when he first joined, DC Comics editorial ezpected the book to need fill-ins but Grant and Liam were adamant that wasn’t going to happen. The current plan is for the first twelve issues of The Green Lantern to run by Grant and Liam, who will then take a break for some kind of event happening in November (Year of The Villain, maybe?), before returning to the title for another twelve issues, to run through 2020.

Liam does look forward to a rather sizeable Omnibus at some point…

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