New Job Listing Gives Hint To Square Enix Avengers Game Progress

If you’re curious as to where the Avengers video game from Square Enix is, a new job listing may have just given hint as to how far along they are. Crystal Dynamics, the studio charged with developing the game posted a new listing for a Narrative Director, as the company is looking for someone with 10+ experience working with AAA titles and previous experience doing so as an ND. Here’s a summary of the job.

crystal dynamics
credit//Square Enix

The Narrative Director will be tasked with the direction of the game’s cinematic and gameplay experiences. They are expert in collaborating across design and narrative disciplines to make memorable, emotional, and cinematic experiences. The Narrative Director will work in partnership with the Game Director and Art Director, to create the narrative tone of the project. They will work cross-discipline with other writers, designers, and artists to develop a high-quality narrative AAA gameplay experience.

What does this mean in terms of the actual game and progress made? A couple of things depending on where exactly they are in the development process. The biggest of which is that either the story is incomplete. You don’t hire a director to work with a writing team if you already have a finished piece, but it’s highly doubtful they’re starting from scratch, so there’s a good chance they have an idea and plot points they need to hit and just need to flesh the rest out before hiring a voice cast. As far as game development goes, we’re guessing based on how long the company has had to make the Avengers project so far, a good chunk of the gameplay has probably already been finished and they just need a finished story to put it to. Basically, unless they’re hiring a new ND to simply play cleanup, you’re not seeing much of this game until 2020. Hell, we’d be surprised if it was even mentioned at E3 this year beyond another graphical teaser like we got in 2017. Either way, June will give you some indication as to where Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics are at with the development of whatever they’re going to call this Avengers game.

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